Please Stop Misleading Brands about Social Media

I saw this infographic shared by a company one of my clients is connected to on the Twitter. They are a company in the building industry and have seen them share this stuff before. The Agency shilling this stuff has their post here

So what is wrong with this infographic? It deceives greatly. The deception? Let’s dig in. 

Social Media is time consuming.

Lets take Facebook at 405 minutes spent per month. That is 13 minutes a day for the average user. In fact for 20% of users it is much higher and for 80% much lower.

I spent 0-4 minutes per day which allows someone else to spend 22-26mins a day and still average us at 13 minutes. Oh vs. 4hrs of TV per person!

It Helps Business.

Just because a business uses a platform or has an account does not mean it is helping business. In fact I bet 90% of businesses aren’t getting much out of Social Media for various reasons.

I recently checked a Facebook page for a big video game company my friend used to run with the help of a very big named Social Media Agency. They have over 1 million fans. (WOW they are a success!).

Uhm in the last week only 514 people engaged with them on their page. (Massive failure)

It influences life offline.

There is zero proof supporting the numbers.  They do not compare. Normally a question goes like this:

In the last month (or ever) have you made a purchasing decision influenced by social media? Yes.

They then say:

It is a fact social media is a big influence on your life offline.

Relative to what? I won’t say it has no influence but don’t inflate the reality.

Their sources:

Other bloggers! Oh now that is a 100% factual source right? People and Social Media businesses that benefit from hype and deception about the reality of social media.

The facts:

Most people use social media in some form today. It is still a very small part of our life. We share but compared to our daily life of events we share very little.

We use it sometimes to get opinions from our networks, which is no different than SMS texting or calling a friend. In fact we are influenced much more by the people offline including strangers we meet than anyone online.

Social Media is great for relationship building and customer service for brands. And it plays a support role in our life these days  including for information sharing, discovery and media consumption.

But the over hyping of its role in our lives does everyone a disservice and I call on my peers to please cease and desist so we can have a real and honest representation which will bring out it’s true value in our lives.

About Howie Goldfarb

Howie Goldfarb

Also playfully known as the Chief Alien of Blue Star Strategic Marketing, Howie Goldfarb relishes his role as an industry outsider. With 20 years of Sales, Marketing, and Business Operations experience founded Blue Star Strategic Marketing to serve as the objective and strategic adviser of brands to help them grow and thrive.

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