5 Tips for Social Media Content Sourcing



Indian Pipe’s in the Mad River Valley, Vermont Aug 2013

So you took the plunge with Social Media. You set up your accounts. You started telling customers where to find you. You started building your networks. But you aren’t a major brand supported by paid advertising. You aren’t a ‘Brand of Desire’ that people automatically flock to. You aren’t a Brand with poor quality service or product attracting irate customers or a high maintenance customer base needing lots of instant customer service.


But you know with the right content you can achieve


  1. A vibrant community with conversations around your product or business.
  2. Generate customer participation which enables non-customers to become aware of your Brand via Likes, Shares,Tweets etc.
  3. Help you stand out from the clutter which is everyone’s Social Media streams and show you are unique.


But where do you find such content?


  1. Your Industry- subscribe to trade publication and industry news letters. They are often free. LIKE the pages on FACEBOOK and follow on Twitter. They will have articles and news easily shareable.
  2. Your Customers – customers like nothing more than being noticed and having their content promoted. For my clients I filter out anything not Brand related with exceptions for unique or fun.

    For example one of your brand advocates posts a photo showing them blowing out birthday candles. Nothing like a Happy Birthday reshare.

  3. Your Vendors – this can be a huge boon for you. You sell other Brand’s products? You have Vendors that support your business? Scratch their back! Share their content. Promote them.

    For example my gourmet dessert client in Southern California has a great relationship with the Orange County Fair which just ended. When they started promoting this summer’s Fair with posts on Facebook, Twitter and their website for special events and deals, we shared some of that with my client’s networks. This is what a good relationship is about. It shows gratitude and it also shows you think about their success as much as your own.

  4. Your Brand Story/Image – First you need one if you don’t already. But create Twitter lists and Like pages related to your brand story.

    For example your Brand is a Women’s clothing line that sells fashions for going out in. So you determine your customers will be wearing your clothes at parties, clubs, fine dining, romantic dinners, formal occasions like weddings. So you Like Pages and follow on Twitter Media Outlets that involve your Brand story. That could be Wedding planning tips, Make up tips, Fine Dining reviews, Dinner Party Recipes etc.

  5. Alerts and Google – with Google closing down Google Alerts, my friend Gini Dietrich referred me to Talkwalker Alerts. I love them. Once a week I get emails for my clients with content around the key words I set them up for. One of my clients as part of their Brand story/image promotes water safety/promoting swimming. So I have alerts set up for those.

    Use the Google. Look at all of the above. I do this all the time. I need an extra post or am missing content for a specific type of content use the Google. You will be amazed at what comes back and often you become more educated about your own Brand (or your Client).



So there you go. With these tips you are now armed with resources galore to source content for your social media efforts. Do you have any special tactics you use for content sourcing?


About Howie Goldfarb

Howie Goldfarb

Also playfully known as the Chief Alien of Blue Star Strategic Marketing, Howie Goldfarb relishes his role as an industry outsider. With 20 years of Sales, Marketing, and Business Operations experience founded Blue Star Strategic Marketing to serve as the objective and strategic adviser of brands to help them grow and thrive.

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Formerly an Angelino and New Yorker, he currently lives in the Green Mountains of Vermont and is still seeking his first moose sighting. His passions are his family, community, art, music, and the outdoors, He tries to cook, has been known to hunt Fiddleheads and loves the Vermont Fresh Network and other sustainability initiatives like farm to table and buying local.